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YEARS from Bartholomäus Traubeck on Vimeo

The artist who deciphered the music of the trees

Bartholomäus Traubeck has created a system to transform the rings of a tree trunk in air tracks neoclassical

Every time we are more accustomed to the digital technology transform our environment data, images and unexpected sounds. In the field of electronic music, we’ve seen people make music almost anything from vegetables cyber gloves. The approximation of the Viennese Bartholomäus Traubeck the issue goes beyond the striking and enters land mixed nature and technology, academics with organic, classic and modern. To do that rumor has never quite found that affirms that the plants speak, if they are actually listening.

Traubeck has created a device resembling a turntable, with some modifications that make it unique: instead of needle, there is a little taken Playstation Eye camera, connected to an Arduino board; instead of vinyl records, there is a slice of a tree trunk, rotating around an axis. The camera reads the grooves of the stem, and the processor is connected to Ableton Live, interpreted as sounds that Traubeck scheduled. The result?? Melancholic neoclassical inspiration pieces that make up an album called “Years” you can hear (and buy) in their bandcamp. His intention is musical, but especially wants us to realize that everything around us hiding data and information, and we only know how to interpret.

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